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NOTE. While all paintings contained in
this screensaver are in good taste, some
are of the bare human form. Your
discretion is advised.
Paul Cezanne, 165 Paintings in One
Cezanne, 1839 to 1906, can be said to form the bridge
between late 19th century Impressionism and the early
20th century's new Cubism. The statement attributed to
both Matisse and Picasso, that Cezanne is father to all
modern artists, cannot be easily dismissed. Using planes
of colour and small brushstrokes that build up to form
complex fields, at once both a direct expression of the
sensations of the observing eye and an abstraction from
observed nature.
Edgar Degas, 125 Paintings in One
Degas, 1834 to 1917,  was one of the true founders of the
actually traversed many artistic styles. His paintings
display his mastery in the depiction of movement,
apparent in his studies of dancers and of racehorses, and
he liked to project how we view active scenes by
cropping subjects awkwardly and by choosing unusual
viewpoints. Of course all this along with his alternating
vivid use of rich and chromatic color.
Paul Gauguin, 215 Paintings in One
Gauguin, 1848 to 1903, was a major catalyst during the
Post Impressionism period. His bold experimentation with
color, and incorporation of cloisonnism, led directly to the
Synthethism style of modern art, in which niether form
nor color predominate but each has an equal role. He had
a great admiration for the folk art of cultures of the world,
inspiring him to lead the way to Primitivism. He felt
traditional painting had become too imitative and lacked
symbolic depth. By contrast, the art of Africa and Asia
seemed to him full of mystic symbolism and vigour.
Moving to Tahiti, he spent the last years of his life
celebrating the life of it's inhabitants on his canvas.
Claude Monet, 225 Paintings in One
Monet, 1840 to 1926, is recognized as a founder of
impressionist painting, and the most consistent and
prolific practitioner of the movement's philosophy of
expressing one's perceptions of nature. The term
Impressionism is derived from the title of his painting
Impression Sunrise. He was entranced by the way
sunlight played off subjects. Trusting his perceptions, he
painted in brilliant color and light which gave the world a
glimpse of nature as never before considered.
Suitable for any age group.
Suitable for any age group.
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