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Winslow Homer Wallpapers Backgrounds and Screensavers
John Singer Sargent Wallpapers Backgrounds and Screensavers
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Henri Rousseau, 120 Paintings in One
Rousseau, 1844 to 1910, was a catalyst in the creation of
the Naive, Folk Art, style during the Post Impressionism
movement. His paintings express innocence, clarity, and
colour, while at the same time a subtle undertone and
acceptance of the struggle and harshness inherant in
being a creature alive in the world. Employed as a civil
servant, he did not devote himself full time to painting until
the age of 49. It's believed he never left France, yet he
revelled in painting tropical and jungle scenes summoned
from imagination and subconscious; as well as painting
his own Parisian suburban environs. Picasso, passing
used canvases to be painted over for sale on the street,
noted the brilliance in one of the paintings and sought out
the artist, it was Rousseau.
J M W Turner, 130 Paintings in One
Joseph Mallor to William Turner, 1775 to 1851, was an
English landscape and seascape oil painter and
watercolorist of the Romantic era whose style can be said
to have laid the foundation for Impressionism. He drew
inspiration from the raw power, immediacy, and energy of
nature. The work of his matured talent created lightness,
fluency, and boldness, employing a chromatic palette and
broadly applied atmospheric washes of paint, and were
far ahead of his time.
Winslow Homer, 210 Paintings in One
Homer, 1836 to 1910, a late nineteenth century American
landscape and seascape painter best known for
chronicling the struggles and joys of folk who lived off the
American seas, mountains, farms and pastures which he
traversed during his working vacations. Virtually
self-trained, he excelled in oil painting, but his gifts truly
shined through his watercolor work. He, along with John
Singer Sargent, are considered the finest American
watercolorists of the nineteenth century. He had the
ability to capture the essence and flavor of a moment in
time, and of his subjects who are usually presented
involved in candid daily activities. A beautiful tour of early
John Singer Sargent, 235 Paintings in One
Sargent, 1856 to 1925, was a true virtuoso who during his
career created roughly 900 oil paintings and more than
2,000 watercolors. His portfolio documents worldwide
travels from Venice, the Tyrol, Corfu, the Middle East,
Montana, Maine, and Florida. An American expatriate,
spending most of his professional life in Europe, he
became the most sought after oil portrait painter of elite
society, but when viewing their commissioned portraits
the patrons were often taken back by his subtly
unorthodox approach. In his watercolor work he became
truly free to express his artistic spirit, and his vision of
brilliant sunlight playing off it's subjects.
Suitable for any age group.
Suitable for any age group.
Suitable for any age group.
Suitable for any age group.
Vincent Van Gogh Wallpapers Backgrounds and Screensavers
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Vincent Van Gogh, 220 Paintings in One
Van Gogh, 1853 to 1890, is today regarded as a master
of the Post Impressionist period.  His artwork is
simultaneously complex and naive, passionate and
innocent, vibrant and subtle, tender yet honest. His
heavily laid brush strokes indicate an almost physical
engagement with his art.  His paintbrush and pallette have
come to touch a resonant chord throughout the world. His
paintings powerfully influenced the later current of the
Expressionist movement in modern art. He remained
relatively unknown during his lifetime but Van Goghs art
became astoundingly popular after his death, especially in
the late 20th century.
Suitable for any age group.
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