Impressionism Art, 715 Paintings by Over
100 Artists in one screensaver.
Radicals in their time, the early Impressionists broke the
rules of academic painting and gave color primacy over
detail line. Characteristics of this style, prominent from
strokes, emphasis on the activity of light and its changing
qualities, ordinary yet contemporary subject matter, and
the inclusion of unusual angles as elements of human
perception. It's center was Paris but the movement
quickly became Intercontinental, and influences budding
artists to this day. Works by Claude Monet, Pierre
Auguste Renoir, Edgar Degas, Eduoard Manet, Alfred
Sisley, Berthe Morisot, John Singer Sargent, Mary
Cassatt, Camille Pissarro, Thomas Eakins, William
Merritt Chase, Winslow Homer, Gustave Caillebotte, and
many more.
Fine Art Screensavers of Famous Masterpiece Paintings (slideshow-style),
Hundreds of Artworks by History's Greatest Artists in Each!
Also Available: Wallpaper Art and Background Art Images.
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Like strolling through the world's great art museums!
Supplies an endless gallery on your screen when you're not using your computer,
each painting softly blending into the next.
User modifiable display time per painting of from 1 to 15 minutes.
Italian Renaissance Art, 560 Frescoes &
by Over 100 Artists Spanning Over
400 Years in one screensaver.
The Italian Renaissance, from the end of the (1200s
through the early 1500s), was a spark of brilliant
creativity, ingenuity, and excellence in the Sciences and
Arts including painting and sculpture, which grew to
inspire the globe, marking the transition between
Medieval to Early Modern Europe. Examples from the
preceding Carolingian (c. 780 to 950), Romanesque (c.
950 to 1150), and Gothic (c. 1150 to 1300) periods are also
included in this screensaver. Works by Michelangelo, Da
Vinci, Botticelli, Raphael, Ghirlandaio, Titian, Veronese,
Giotto, El Greco, Tintoretto, Bassano, Lotto, Bellini,
Parmigianino, and many more.
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Italian Renaissance Wallpapers Backgrounds and Screensavers
Impressionism Wallpapers Backgrounds and Screensavers
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Baroque & Rococo Art Wallpapers Backgrounds and Screensavers
Post-Impressionism Wallpapers Backgrounds and Screensavers
Price  $9.50
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Baroque and Rococo Art, 275 Paintings by
Over 100 Artists in one screensaver.
Painting of the Baroque era, late 1500s through the early
1700s, is noted for it's immediacy, emotion, clarity, deep
rich color, and attention to detail in such things as the
convincing rendering of cloth and skin texture. These
artists were intrigued with, and made pioneering
advancements in, the representation of natural light and
shade upon people and objects. They depicted their
subjects as individuals and with sensitivity to the human
condition. Works by Rubens, Vermeer, Rembrandt,
Caravaggio, Boucher, La Tour, Velazquez, Canaletto,
Fragonard, Gainsborough, Murillo, Hals,  Lorrain, Poussin,
Pieter Brueghel, Jan Brueghel, Watteau, Correggio,
Guercino, de Heem, van Dyck, Gentileschi, ter Borch, Dou,
Snyders, Carracci,  Reni, Le Nain, Guardi, Maes, Kalf,
Ricci, Zampieri, Vouet, and many more.
Post-Impressionism Art, 690 Paintings by
Over 100 Artists in one screensaver.
Post Impressionism, was the term given to the collective
dominant currents in painting which arose between the
several art movements such as Expressionism, Fauvism,
Les Nabis, Pointilism, Primitivism, Naivism, and
Synthesism, among others. What they all agreed on was
the importance of strong forms and vivid, vibrant colors.
Artists in this collection include Vincent Van Gogh, Paul
Cezanne, Henri Matisse Paul Gauguin, Georges Seurat,
Henri Toulouse Lautrec, Henri Rousseau, Maurice
Prendergast, Edvard Munch, James Whistler, August
Macke, Andre Derain, Gabriele Munter, and many more.
Price  $12.00
Price $5.60
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Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood Art Wallpapers Backgrounds and Screensavers
Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood Art, 350
by Over 50 Artists in one screensaver.
Contrary to the notion the name this movement might
give, the Pre Raphaelite Brotherhood came to prominence
during the late 1800's in England. The group's intention
was to reform art by rejecting what they considered to be
the mechanistic approach first adopted by the Mannerist
artists who inherited from Raphael and Michelangelo.
They believed that this style of elegant classical posing
and composition of the late Renaissance and Mannerism
had been a corrupting influence on Academic art. They
and complex compositions similar to the early
Renaissance but infused into their own new paintings
which often have themes and overtones from popular
Arthurian legend. This collection includes paintings by
Edward Burne Jones, William Holman Hunt, John Everett
Millais, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, John William Waterhouse,
and many more.
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any age group.
Suitable for
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Suitable for
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Suitable for
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any age group.
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by Artist ( III )
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Mucha Wallpapers Backgrounds
Michelangelo Wallpapers Backgrounds
Impressionism Wallpapers Backgrounds
Renaissance Wallpapers Backgrounds
PreRaphaelite Brotherhood Wallpapers Backgrounds
Klimt Wallpapers Backgrounds
Modern Art Wallpapers Backgrounds
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Symbolism Art Wallpapers Backgrounds and Screensavers
Price  $9.25
Symbolism Art, 550 Paintings by Over 100
Artists One screensaver.
The symbolist painters, of the mid-1800's through the
beginning of the 20th century, mined dream imagery for a
visual language of the soul and the unconcious, creating
paintings that evoke a still world intended to be
pondering.. The symbols used were intensely personal,
private, obscure and ambiguous references. Symbolism
represents an outgrowth of the earlier romanticism
movement, but in a more metaphorical, suggestive and
highly stylized manner, often with a mood of ironic
detachment. A summation of their goals might be that
they attempted to paint beyond the visible; and as artist
Odilon Redon stated "My paintings and drawings are
meant to inspire, and are not to be defined. They place us,
as does music, in the ambiguous realm of the
undetermined". In broder terms, painters with symbolist
interests can be found across many centuries and
cultures, as they are still today, though this collection
focuses primarily on the painters who have come to be
known as symbolists. This screensaver includes artists:
Gustav Moreau, William Blake, Mikolajus Ciurlionis, Odilon
Redon, Maurice Denis, Paul Serusier,  Niko Pirosmani,
Paul Ranson, Ferdinand Hodler, Michael Vrubel, Wassily
Kandinsky, Marc Franz, Edvard Munch, Felix Vallotton,
August Macke, Fernand Khnopff, Georges Lacombe, and
many more used the 4-cec
Suitable for
any age group.
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