Northern Renaissance Art, 700 Paintings by
Over 100 Artists in One Screensaver.
The Northern Renaissance, or perhaps it would be better
said, the north and east and west renaissance, which
lasted from the mid 1400s through the early 1600s,
collectively represents the spread of the renaissance
influence as it expanded across Europe outwardly from
the Italian peninsula, with each country often having it's
own individual style. This screensaver includes works by
Albrecht Durer, Pieter Bruegel, Jan Brueghel, Hieronymus
Bosch, Hans Holbein, Jan van Eyck, Lucas Cranach, Hans
Memling, Quentin Massys, Jan Steen, David Teniers,
Petrus Christus, Jean Fouquet, Adriaen Brouwer, van der
Goes, Momper, Clouet, Ostade, Gossaert, Mabuse, van
der Weyden, and many more.
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Northern Renaissance Art Screensaver - 700 Paintings
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NeoClassical and Academic Art, 700
by Over 50 Artists in One
NeoClassicism, of the mid 1700s through the mid 1800s,
was the artistic component of the intellectual movement
known as the Age of Enlightenment . It was an art of an
ideal, familiar with it's own canon, but did not repeat it in
lifeless reproductions. Rather, with ever deepening
technical expertise, these artists synthesized the
traditions anew in each work, applying it to fresh
interpretations of often ancient archetypes.
Neoclassicism seems to be a natural recurring
expression of many cultures at certain moments in their
development, confident of their own rich traditions.
Academic Art, which gained great popularity during the
mid to late 1800s, refers to the work influenced by the
standards of the French Académie des Beaux Arts, from
which this movement derived it's name, in the attempt to
synthesize together both the styles of the preceding, and
sometimes conflicting, Neoclassicism and Romanticism
movements. A battle of styles known as the Poussiniste
Rubiniste debate had been long standing as to whether
line and form should dominate art due to their appeal to
the intellect, or that spirited application techniques and
more importantly color should dominate because of their
appeal to emotion. Both NeoClassicism and Academic Art
considered already existing idealized mythological,
literary, religious, and allegorical subjects as fertile soil,
and it assimilated the philosophical idea that history itself
could be considered as a collection of allegorical plays, a
dialect of competing ideas which had eventually resolved
in a synthesis. Artists in this collection include Jaques
Louis David, Jean Ingres, Francois Gerard, Anne Girodet
Trioson, Pierre Guerin, Jean Leon Gerome, Pierre
Prudhon, Edwin Weeks, Albert Moore, Lawrence Alma
Tadema, Lord Frederick Leighton, John William Godward,
William Bouguereau, James Tissot, Alexandre Cabanel ,
and many more.
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Post-Impressionism Art Screensaver, 900 Paintings
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Early American Art, 700 Paintings by Over 100
Artists in one screensaver.
The paintings in this collection were created between
approximately 1750 and 1875 and cover a wide variety of
styles. There are many examples of  American Folk Art,
Hudson River School, Barbizon School, Romanticism,
Allegorical, Academic Art, and Realism. A beautiful
panoramic view of Americana. The subjects and cultures
depicted of young America range from the lives of early
settlers, the extremely diverse nations of Native American
Indians, the founding of the United States, seascapes, epic
landscapes of the American West, South and North East,
historical depictions, beautiful still lifes, and folk art. There
are portrayals of nature, agriculture, and the fast
disappearing wilderness just as it was coming to be
appreciated for its qualities of ruggedness and sublimity.
Artists in this collection include George Caleb Bingham,
George Catlin, Frederic Edwin Church, Charles Bird King,
Winslow Homer, Albert Bierstadt, John James Audubon,
Thomas Cole, Martin Johnson Heade, Eastman Johnson,
Fitz Hugh Lane, Thomas Moran, Raphaelle Peale,
Benjamin West, Edward Hicks, John Frederick Peto,
works by unknown early folk artists, and more.
Hudson River School Landscapes and
, 425 Paintings in one screensaver.
The Hudson River School was an art movement in epic
American landscape painting during the mid to late 1800s.
The term school does not refer to a formal school as the
word is commonly used, rather it embodies the affiliation
and cooperation of two generations of American
landscape painters whose vision was strongly influenced
by the aesthetics of Romanticism. The name of this
movement depicts where this movement initially began,
the Hudson River Valley of New York State, however
many of these artists traveled far in their efforts to
capture the distant and varied landscapes throughout the
United States, such as the frontiers of the American West.
They painted the lush greenery of the North eastern and
Southern Mountain ranges to the beautiful earth tones of
the Western Grand Canyon, as well as the Rocky
Mountains and the Pacific Coast. Works by the second
generation artists are often described as examples of
Luminism, referring to the almost glowing effects in light
their paintings exhibited. Artists in this collection include
Albert Bierstadt, Thomas Cole, Frederic Edwin Church,
Thomas Moran, Asher Durand, Sanford Robinson Gifford,
John Frederick Kensett and many more. If you enjoy
photographs by Ansel Adams you will love these
paintings as well.
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Hundreds of famous paintings from
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Northern Renaissance Art Screensaver - 700 Paintings
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Masterpieces Screensavers
Screensavers of famous masterpiece
paintings for the home, school and office
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Northern Renaissance Art Screensaver - 700 Paintings
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Romanticism and Realism Art, 800
by Over 100 Artists in One
Romanticism, dominant between the late 1700s through
the mid 1800s, placed new emphasis on such emotions as
trepidation, terror and wonder, especially when
confronting the sublimity of the untamed power of nature.
It is often  impetuous and rebellious and other times
broodish and moody.  In part, it was a reactionary revolt
against the aristocratic social and political norms of the
Age of Enlightenment and it's scientific rationalization of
nature. The Romantic sensibility contrasted with the
NeoClassicism being taught in the academies. The idea of
the romantic character may be expressed as a gifted,
perhaps misunderstood loner, creatively following the
dictates of his inspiration rather than the mores of
contemporary society. Romanticism placed importance
on the awe generated in being alive, and experiencing life
'in the moment' through the senses. It elevated intuition
and spontaneity to noble characteristics and heavily
prized the tumultuous fires of personal human passions
over rationalism, permitting freedom from the classical
notions of form in art. This collection also includes many
artists from the art movement of Realism, known for it's
sublime simplicity, clarity, and emphasis on depictions of
everyday working people living close to the earth; as well
as the beautiful Barbizon School of landscape painting
which was centered near the forest of Fountainebleau in
France. Artists in this collection include Caspar Friedrich,
Theodore Gericault, Fransisco Goya, Eugine Delacroix,
Joseph Wright of Derby, Gustav Carus, John Constable,
Joseph Mallard William Turner, Benjamin West, Ivan
Shiskin, Jules Breton, Jean-Baptiste Corot, Gustave
Courbet, Jean Francois Millet, Charles-Francois Daubigny,
Honre Daumier, Narcisse de la Pena, Jules Dupre, Henri
Fantin-Latour, John Grimshaw, Adolphe Monticelli, Ilya
Repin, Karl Schinkel, Karl Blechen, Felix Ziem, and many
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by Artist ( I )
by Artist ( II )
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by Movement ( II )
by Artist ( I )
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by Artist ( III )
by Movement  ( I )
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Northern Renaissance Art Screensaver - 700 Paintings
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Symbolism Art, 900 Paintings by Over 100
Artists One screensaver.
The symbolist painters, of the mid-1800's through the
beginning of the 20th century, mined dream imagery for a
visual language of the soul and the unconcious, creating
paintings that evoke a still world intended to be
pondering.. The symbols used were intensely personal,
private, obscure and ambiguous references. Symbolism
represents an outgrowth of the earlier romanticism
movement, but in a more metaphorical, suggestive and
highly stylized manner, often with a mood of ironic
detachment. A summation of their goals might be that
they attempted to paint beyond the visible; and as artist
Odilon Redon stated "My paintings and drawings are
meant to inspire, and are not to be defined. They place us,
as does music, in the ambiguous realm of the
undetermined". In broder terms, painters with symbolist
interests can be found across many centuries and
cultures, as they are still today, though this collection
focuses primarily on the painters who have come to be
known as symbolists. This screensaver includes artists:
Gustav Moreau, William Blake, Mikolajus Ciurlionis, Odilon
Redon, Maurice Denis, Paul Serusier,  Paul Ranson,
Ferdinand Hodler, Michael Vrubel, Wassily Kandinsky,
Marc Franz, Edvard Munch, Felix Vallotton, August
Macke, Fernand Khnopff, Georges Lacombe, and many
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