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Johannes Vermeer Screensaver
William Bouguereau Screensaver - 155 Paintings
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Collections by Artist II
Johannes Jan Vermeer, 60 Paintings
Vermeer, 1632 to 1675, was a Dutch Baroque painter who
specialized in domestic interior scenes of ordinary life. His
moderately successful provincial painter. Virtually
forgotten for nearly two hundred years, he was
rediscovered in mid 1800s. Since that time, despite the
fact that few of his paintings survive, his reputation has
grown, and he is now acknowledged as one of the
greatest painters of the Dutch Golden Age. He is
particularly renowned for the intimacy his subjects exude
and his mastery in the treatment of light and perspective.

, some of the images in this collection are detail
images from the same full Vermeer paintings, which are
also included.
William Bouguereau, 155 Paintings
Bouguereau, 1825 to 1905, was completely in line with the
academic style of his time, and is considered to be of the
highest level of expertise in painting technique. He was
heavily inspired by the ancients, though applying his own
modern interpretations. When asked why he focused
exclusively on the traditional images of beauty and
aesthetics he is known to have responded 'I paint what
Henri Toulouse Lautrec, 125 Paintings
Toulouse Lautrec, 1864 to 1901, painted the colorful and
theatrical life of turn of the century Paris, and yielded
works of elegance and excitement from the modern,
sometimes provocative, life of those times. He excelled at
capturing people in their environment, with all the color
and movement but with the glamour stripped away. He
was a master at capturing crowd scenes in which the
figures are highly individualized, giving great emphasis to
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Like strolling through the world's great art museums!
Supplies an endless gallery. Quality images of the original works.
Hundreds of famous paintings from
history's greatest artists in each
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'These screensavers are peaceful, pleasant and beautifully edited.
The images of everyday life from a quieter time provide
a welcome respite from the cacophony of programs on the average PC.'
View different famous works of art each softly blending into the next.
User modifiable display time of up to 16 minutes per painting.
Why only have great art as prints, reproductions or
posters on a wall? Turn your computer into
an endless digital picture frame of masterpieces.
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